Sock Monkey Mittens

Well I did it. I finally made something for myself. A few years ago I saw a pair of mittens on Zibbet for sale, unfortunately that pair was sold and the lady had no idea when she could get another pair made.. I then asked her if she would sell the pattern and she made excuses and said she didn’t have time to write it up. So after a few years I figured.. HEY.. I can do this!.. I got my yarn out,, the picture of the mittens and away I went. The first pair turned out a bit big for me

Blue Sock Monkey Mittens.. so someone else in my house got this pair as a gift.

So on to another pair.. Grey with white and red for me (once I found the yarn in my studio).. hahaha..

They turned out great, knit tightly for warmth and sized for my hands

sock monkey mitts

I think they turned out pretty great!.. don’t you think?.. The problem now is what yarn to use. The bernat softee chunky is no longer available. Well actually it is now revamped from 14 st =4″  to 11 st = 4″ and I might have to go out and try that yarn. I do think that it would be much too thick to make a comfy mitten but we will see.

Right now I have taken some yarn I have in my studio and have doubled it up with some white to make a ragg type yarn and I hope to get another pair made to see if that will work. It won’t twist like the denim or ragg yarn so it will have a totally different look from the first two I made. Oh well….I am determined to do some stash busting and hopefully people will like the newer mitts as much as they like the first two I made.

On to try out the doubled up yarn

Pictures to follow

To see more of my patterns please visit my new website.

Sock Monkey Mittens

Well I did it!!!.. I saw a pair of mittens I really liked online and the woman was not prepared to write up her pattern. Been asking for a couple of years so I decided.. heck.. I can do that!!.. I dug out my chunky yarn. found the grey,, and red… but could not for the life of me find my white chunky so I figured.. hey a pair of boy type ones. It didn’t take me long to knit them, once I figured out how to start them off. Oh.. did I say!.. these are top down mittens. The one thing about mittens that I really don’t like is the pucker at the top and they always seem to go pointed at the top.. ugh.. so I figured..hmmm. I love the toe up socks so why not use that skill to make the top down mittens.. well howdy DO   I worked!.. The second mitten will go much faster as I think I have the gist of the basic pattern done up. Also did the afterthought thumb which makes the knitting go so much faster.

So here is the right mitten I have just finished

Blue Sock Monkey Mittens

The top is just the way I wanted.. well.. not exactly.. need it a bit rounder but this pattern works great!.. I am thinking of making several pairs for the winter and bonus!.. it will use up my chunky yarn that I have stored in my studio.

So on to the second mitten. I am also writing down the pattern and it could possibly be for sale in the near future.

Things You Should Know About Introverts


I couldn’t had said it any better.

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1) We need to recharge alone.
This right here is the cusp of the entire introvert v. extrovert debate (if there is one, anyway) – Introverts need to be alone to recharge. We tend to get completely worn out by socializing. This is basically what it means to be an introvert.

2) We don’t hate being around people, but we probably hate crowds.
I love being with people, but if you drop me into a large crowd I instantly feel like I’m alone and invisible. I try to avoid situations where I feel that way, so I may decline your open invitation to some random event. It doesn’t mean I don’t like to be around you, it just means I like to have more control over my surroundings.

3) We don’t mind silence.
I can sit beside you in silence and not think we are having a bad…

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Converting Knitting into Crochet Stitches

And here I go again. My brain is in overtime now.  I have had several people ask me if my dog sweaters are available in crochet form.. um.. never did that since I have been a knitter for years, but I do love a challenge you know. I have decided that I am going to attempt to convert my knitting patterns for my dog sweaters into crochet patterns. I have found a site that helps you to figure out your knitting stitches and how to convert them into crochet stitches.


I have taken my pattern and hand wrote the instructions for the crochet pattern and now I am going to sit and try to figure out what to do. The only thing that is really puzzling me is the decrease stitches.. hmm.. should I do a decrease on the body of the sweater or on the chest piece. And hmm.. how am I going to do the collar. should I keep it looking like the rib stitch? So many questions of myself.  If I do the body then I am not sure how the decrease will work out as I have too many rows in my decrease to work out the conversion. I will figure it out as I go along I guess. One good thing about crochet is that if you don’t like what you are doing, or you have made a mistake it is easy enough to pull out and redo from a particular row.. So.. here I go.  Off to figure this out

Pictures to follow as I am going along.

Have a great sunny day

Craft Room Transition

Wow what a busy month or so. I have not be able to even think straight let alone get anything done around here. The Apple Blossom Craft show was a somewhat success. Being the first year and getting it together in less than 6 weeks it turned out great. The venue was spectacular as well as the staff there. The vendors were great and easy to work with (no big suprise since I pretty well hand picked most of them ) The weather was warm and sunny and things went off with minimal problems. I will be organizing the show again next year and I have learned my lessons from this year. I assumed that local advertising would be extensive but it turned out that it was not. I will have my list ready for next year.. some new signs printed for local placement and since the shoppers were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the crafters, I assume that word of mouth will double our shoppers!.. We can only hope

Now for myself. I have had a month of reflection and since I was dealing with craft show burnout I have made the decision that I am leaving the shows to younger vendors. It had become not fun any more to mass produce and when it ceases to be fun then it is time to take a step back. I have enough stash to do two shows in the fall and once they are over I will be leaving the craft shows as a vendor. Time for some me time.

I have rearranged my studio (pics to follow) and spent the last few days purging what I did not want to do any more. I am going to concentrate on building my website  I am going to make minimal stuff for that site. High quality knit and crochet wear as well as selling my vintage (discontinued) knitting patterns.

Not that I am saying I am old and tired.. but geeze… I am old and tired.. hahahaha.. and I know this comes from not being able to say NO to people. I have learned to say NO.. and don’t get any ill feelings about it any more. Yeah.. baby steps!

I need to regroup, recoup,, and reset my memory board and start doing what I like to do. No more craft show factory in my studio. It is being changed around to be my sanctuary not a production assembly line.

Took me a while to make this decision but once it was made I was good to go. I will still be in charge of organizing two craft shows. One in the fall at Northeast Kings Education Centre and the new one in the spring for the Apple Blossom Festival. Other than that I will be producing and listing items on my site as they are made. No pressure just relaxing and enjoying this gift that has been given to me.

And on that note.. have a great week and take care of yourselves


Craft Show Busy

I realize that I have been ignoring this blog, but seriously I have been swamped with a new craft show I am hosting. It is not that I am busy hosting it is that I had decided that I was also going to partake in this show. This has been a struggle for me and so out of my comfort zone because, let’s face it, I am a yarn person and to have things to sell in the late spring has become a chore for me. So…. I pulled out my sewing machine, dusted it off and got busy trying to get stuff together for a spring show. I have made some lightweight infinity scarves

10013506_10153992484350386_1511145882139282449_n   I still have to do the hand sewing to stitch the opening closed. They turned out nice, very lightweight and airy.

I have also made hair scrunchies, and headbands

984032_10153908205555386_1009295857_n 10256707_10154063102835386_7107458444583004108_o 10339288_10154063087335386_7068479122091297356_oheadbands4

I think I have enough for my table but at this point I have no idea how much product I will need as this is the first spring show for this area. I did get a bit of a surprise yesterday when I got a call from a local paper wanting to do a short interview with me. People that know me know that this is way way way out of my comfort zone but I managed and in the end it was not as painful as I thought it was going to be. This Apple blossom festival attracts over 100,000 people to the area and our.. sorry.. MY craft show is going to be advertised in all the festival advertisement. I guess I better pull up my big girl panties and get ready for the next phone call.

And I am proud to announce that the show is now officially FULL.. All the tables have been rented. Two more weeks and my angst will be over and then I can get back to my normal routine.

I have had a couple of things run through my head the last couple of days for items for the fall show using my addi express and it took every bit of my willpower to not drop what I was doing and try out my idea. Truely!!  this is a big issue with me, I get something in my head and I have to try it right away. hahaha

oh and in the meantime I made a crochet OLAF. which sold within 15 minutes of me posting it


and this past weekend I made a penguin for my grand daughters birthday which will be delivered to her tomorrow


So to say I have been slightly busy is an understatement at this time.

Off I go to finish up my scarves and take stock of what I have ready. I also have to email the vendors with the floor plan for the show so they will have an idea of where they are located.

Soon.. I will enjoy the sun soon


Olaf Stuffie

I have been super busy. I have decided to  host an Apple Blossom Craft Show this year in conjunction with the Apple Blossom Festival and working with the NKEC Music Department. I am super excited to be doing this as there was a real lack of of  spring craft shows in this area. It came to me in a moment of insaneness but none the less I am crazy and insane enough to take on this venture. Venue has been booked, arrangements for the Fesitval committee to take on the advertising and away we go.

In the meantime I am usually very laid back this time of year and haven’t gone into pre fall production for the fall craft shows so this business is taking me by surprise as I have gone into full gear getting items ready for the show.. oh.. did I mention I am not only hosting the show but I am having my own table. Seeing that I am a fall and winter crafter and do various knit and crochet items, I had to come up with something that was more suitable for a spring/summer craft show. I have decided to make infinity scarves. I have been getting them ready and these are almost (90%) done.. just the hand stitching to close the top of them. Also will be having boys bow ties and suspenders. I only have a few pictures so far but you get the idea.


10013506_10153992484350386_1511145882139282449_n 10156080_10153992484565386_8229458647381731243_n headbands4


And to add to my craziness I have been working on a new stuffed toy.. YUP… IT”S OLAF!!!!



He is pretty well done. His hair is stiffening in my studio and I need to add his buck teeth. He has poseable arms. This was my first kick at the can but omgosh.. he took 4 days to make, a whole skein of yarn and a lot of stuffing. This is not something that I will be putting on my table for the spring show, but I will be doing a couple for the fall as well as the OLAF crochet hat. He did turn out cute and I am proud of my first attempt at a stuffed toy but I realize that this is not something I really want to do a lot of since they take so long to make.

So off I go to enjoy the rest of the day, have a pepsi, watch baseball and relax. My hands are sore from working on him