Sheepishly Me Ornament

For the past year I have been totally obsessed with a youtube channel named Sheepisly Me owned by Sandi Brock of Ontario, Canada.

She runs a sheep farm and blogs almost daily, especially during Lambing season. She is an absolute riot to watch and you never know what is going to happen on any given day. I have watched the ups and downs of running this sheep farm from the births to the unfortunate deaths. This year it has been a pleasure to watch her life in action as we sit back and “Stay the Blazes home” during this pandemic. I find myself having my cup of hot tea ready for her 1pm (AST) uploads.. Lunch and the sheep, nothing better.

This year she decided to put a tree in her barn and asked her followers to make and send her some ornaments that meant something to us.

Well I just made mine.. On the front is Sandi, Kinsie and Billy and on the back is her favorite ram Billy. He is wearing his santa hat and some garland around his neck.

Here are some pictures of my ornament which I will be shipping out on Monday. I had a blast making it with the help of my 4 month old kitten who was determined to pick up some straight pins and run. She was not a happy camper when I blocked her way to the work table. She will get over it I am sure.

So it is late Saturday afternoon, raining, foggy and a chill in the air. Time to get the stove started and kick up my feet to watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

To watch any of Sandi’s videos go here you won’t be sorry.




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Getting something for ME!

Wow this has been a long march break…hahahaha..

Anyway, I decided to dig out my sewing machine and make a few masks for us. They were fun to make but now I am so over it. I tried the accordion ones, the shaped fitted ones. You tube was my friend but then it got kind of crazy. I ended up finding out that the accordion ones were by far the fastest and easiest to make. The masks are now made and sitting in a basket for a grab and go.

Now on to my new find. I was doing a youtube search when I came across a person who installed a LED strip on their sewing machine.. Interesting.. so I did a search on Amazon and found this strip

Sewing Machine LED Light Strip

omgosh… it was only $16!!! so seriously…… I need that!!!

It was super fast shipping and today I installed it on my machine. Here are some pictures of it on my machine. Can I say I love it!!!!!!???  well I am going to say it anyway… “I love it”

For a person with a few years under my belt, my eyes are not what they used to be and actually I got tired of moving my computer desk lamp every time I wanted to sew. So now problem solved.  It was super easy to install, so I am pretty happy with my purchase.

So now that it is all installed I need to get busy making my small appliance covers. I plan to get them measured and make the templates for them in the upcoming days. I have a few things on my plate and this afternoon I will be redesigning a couple of mitten patterns. Mittens are a good way of using up your yarn stash. There won’t be any craft shows this fall so anything I make will be listed either on Etsy or Facebook marketplace as I get them done.

I will have to update my weight loss journey with another blog.. So far….51 pounds and counting. But enough about that, I will get another blog done this week, in between our two trips to the city and my redesigning my mitts.  Sure I have lots of time to do that. Sure I do!

One that note, Have a safe week, stay healthy, and be nice to one another.


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Easter Musings

In these uncertain times, it takes an emergency to really bring home who in your life is a true friend and who is an acquaintance.

In the past week we have gone through an emergency that brought home the knowledge of love and friendship. People on Facebook that are marked as friends have really come home to show their “true colours”. This has been an enlightening moment when even strangers to me have come to the forefront with offers of support, assistance and caring. A few people who I thought as friends because of my support in their tough times just vanished when I needed them most. It is obvious that I was and probably always will be just a superficial friend. I get it now! This is a difficult lesson to absorb but it has forced me to rethink how these people will be a part of my life moving forward.

To the people that messaged me, texted me, phoned me over the last few days. I want them to know how much I truly cherish their friendship. You kept me calm, made me laugh and you helped me more than you will ever know. Thank YOU!

To my family that were willing to  drop everything to be there for me, your phone calls and willingness to get my shopping done and delivered.  Thank YOU!

To all those that truly know me, know that I am very much an introvert and this past week has been particularly difficult, dealing with the posts, messages, texts and phone calls and yes I did crash Friday and most of today but I am getting slowly back to normal.

So on this Easter Weekend, count your blessings, cherish your friends and be thankful of what you have in your life.


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Winter Blahs and Paul’s yummy pickles!


So the other day a friend of ours gifted me with a jar of pickles. OMG! they were the best pickles I have had in soooooooooooo long. I rationed them but it was a small jar and I knew I would soon be without these pickles on my plate. What to do what to do! I emailed our friend and complimented him on the pickles and politely asked if he would share the recipe. Well YAHOO  he had no problem passing on the recipe to me. I was surprised as most people say “oh they are a secret recipe”   “oh I can’t give it to you that was my mother’s recipe or grandmothers recipe” Well he was proud to pass it along and I could not wait to get the ingredients to make them. I bought new spices as mine were as old as Methuselah and keeping up with my purge and replace mantra I got new spices.

Here is the recipe :

Bread & butter pickles


18 cucumbers, 3-4” long; thin ones 8 or 10 medium onions
1/2 cup pickling salt

Slice cukes and onions. (Cauliflower and red pepper can be added) Layer the cukes and onions and salt in a glass container or stainless steel container
Let stand for 30 minutes.

Rinse well with cold water, drain well in a colander.

Boil the following together for 4-5 minutes in a large pot:

2 1/4 cup white vinegar

1 1/2 tsp. celery seed

1 TBSP mustard seed

1 tsp. turmeric

1 1/2 cups brown (yellow) sugar

2 1/2 cups white sugar

Add cukes and onions to the vinegar mix.
Bring to ALMOST the boiling point, stirring with a wooden spoon to heat evenly.

Spoon into jars and seal, using snap lids that have been brought to a boil.
Do not put through a hot water bath. 

Below are pictures of the process



I bought the small seedless cucumbers in the vegetable section of the Super Store. And yes that is Windsor pickling salt. opps my bad!  I had the french side facing out, but you get it right?



After I sliced up all the cukes and onions using my food processor I sprinkled the 1/2 cup of pickling salt over the top and then with a wooden spoon I stirred the salt in to make sure everything was covered, covered with a tea towel and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes while I was getting my jars, covers and liquid ingredients ready. I rinsed and set my colander on my bowl to let it drain while I got the liquid ingredients boiling. By the time the 4-5 minutes were up the cukes and onions were ready to add to the liquid.


After I boiled the vinegar, tumeric, celery seed and mustard seed I dumped the thoroughly rinsed and drained cukes and onions into the pot. I had the stove on medium high so the pot would not scald, stirring so the ingredients were mixed well. Then I kept stirring so it would not scald and watching to make sure it did not come to a boil again.




I then proceeded to scoop the pickles into jars. It makes a nice small batch of pickles which is ideal here because I am the only one that eats pickles and relishes and chows.  I had the lids in a pot on the stove that I had boiled.

Remember that these pickles do not have to go through a water bath…..NOPE…Once they are spooned into the jars and the covers put on, you are DONE! Just let them cool and then put them in your fridge.

Feel free to make your own. I guarantee you will love the taste of these pickles.

#YUMYUMYUM  #yummypickles

My next kick at the can will be Million Dollar Relish. Anxious to make and taste these as they were the big discussion at my group meeting this week.

And on that note. Have a great snowy weekend and remember spring is just around the corner (so they say) yup.. I will believe that when it happens.

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Taking charge of my health

Feeling miserable every day is not a good way to exist, right? For years I have had a lot of trouble with my knees. I started taking celebrex in the 1990’s. Seemed to work fine but over the years I had piled on weight that I could not explain. After learning that gee… celebrex is not considered long term. So why had my doctors continued to prescribe it for me year after year. You would have thought that one of them would pick up on the fact that I had been on it for way too long.. So a few years years ago I asked for something different. I wanted off these meds. So the dr prescribed another type of anti inflammatory medication that seemed to work fine. and as a bonus I dropped the weight that had piled on over the past 20+ years. yay..  right? So a few months ago I had gone in for a checkup and said. You know, ” You know.. I don’t seem to be getting any more relief from the new meds” So back I go on celebrex. This was early June of this year. He figured. I had gotten the celebrex out of my system enough that now it would be ok to go back on it and it should work fine. Ok I was skeptical but I thought, I can’t do this pain much more. I have no life, my legs give out, my knees lock up.. I was feeling miserable.

So back on to celebrex and in the meantime he wanted xrays of my knees since he didn’t have any on file. Over the summer it didn’t seem to get much better and good God!!!! I put 15 pounds of bloat on over the summer.   

How does this happen. Reading about celebrex it is one of the main things that can happen.. Extreme weight gain.. ((((Over three months?)))  So I got my xrays and blood work done and made the appointment to go back and see what was up. Well it turns out that I have severe degeneration on the inside part of both knees. So.. he suggested replacement on both knees.. UM  NOPE.. not going to happen as I am a person that heals extremely slow and I know what would happen if I had a knee replaced. So now what?   Well I told him about the celebrex and the weight gain and he said.. ok.. we will put you on something else. ok fine. Let’s just play Russian roulette with my body now. Try this,, no try this.. and in the meantime he is playing around with adjusting my pre-diabetes meds, trying to get a happy number. Again another med change and off I went to check the side effects, etc. During all this I am still feeling totally miserable and completely defeated.  I was not in a good mind set and my happy place had moved to Siberia I think.. hahahaha. At that time I asked about alternative pain relieve aka CBD. He said yes sure he would contact the company  ( and get the paperwork started and then I go in and fill out a registration form with the company and await for it to be approved. YAY  I was approved and after chatting with the reps/customer support for the company they gave me lots of insight and lots of things to think about. I pondered, did my research and said well if the meds the dr just changed. After a couple of weeks, my stomach is wrecked, the pain is still there and I bloated up so much my knees are swollen and aching and the bathroom runs are not acceptable. Who wants to be tied to a house because you never know when you have to make an immediate run to the bathroom. enough of this crap (yes pun intended). So as of today, I have come off this new arthritis medication and I made the order yesterday for my first round of CBD oil. Now the crappy thing about this is that the insurance does not cover this stuff. I can do the cost, that is no problem, but when are they going to realize that this is supposedly more effective and less cost than the man made chemicals they are paying for us to put in our bodies?  

The CBD should arrive tomorrow or Thursday and it will be a whole new learning curve for how much I will need to take, how much I will have to purchase every month but at this point money doesn’t matter if it straightens me out and brings me back to a quality of life that I should enjoy.

And on that note, my stomach feels a bit better today since I didn’t take my arthritis meds (might just be all in my head) but I will take that as a positive any day. I will do another post after a couple of weeks with the CBD and report my findings and reactions to it. 

Breathing deep and seeking peace at this time


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