New Hat Collection for 2013

2013 hats

I am back in production mode. I have started my new collection of hats for the 2013 Fall Craft Shows. I am still in the process of trying new designs and deciding whether or not I actually like the pattern and if it will work with what I am trying to sell for next year. Looking and planning so far in advance is always a challenge as you never know until sometime in September what people will be actually looking for in the way of accessories. The color choices are even more of a challenge. I listen to the fashion reports to find out what colours are will be popular this year but that doesn’t always hold true in this area of the world. So Basically I get yarn, pile it in a corner in my room and away I go. I did the purple cloche but I am not sure if I like the thickness that it calls for in the pattern.

Purple Cloche Purple Cloche

I might try  the same pattern but only make it DK worsted weight.

As for the other hats I really like the Newfoundland Salt and Pepper design

Harry Hibbs/Newfoundland Hat Newfoundland/Harry Hibbs Hat

I made it my mission to find this pattern. My mother used to make these many moons ago. I tried everywhere to find the pattern that most resembled my mother’s Pattern. Well after hours of looking online I finally turned to Facebook with a plea. It only took me 1/2 hour to find the pattern once my post went out. AND!!!!  it was my mother’s original pattern that she had given to her friend once she could not knit anymore.. How cool was that!!!!.. My sister picked it up and mailed to me. I scanned it and I plan to put the original in a frame and hang it on my studio wall.

I have also started to do the Angry bird hats although I cannot list them anywhere as the Rovio corporation has contacted me through Etsy and demanded that I remove them as it was an infringement on their copyright.. oh FINE.. I will just sell them at shows and take special orders. geeze. My one or two hats I make are certainly not going to dip into their big profits.

I have started posting my pictures on and here is the link to my Knitwear for this year.

True North Knitting Photobucket Pictures

So my journey continues. I am always surfing for new ideas and I am always willing to make anything you suggest. I love trying new patterns and designing as I go.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions. What is popular in your area? What colours do people look for?

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5 Responses to New Hat Collection for 2013

  1. Vera Doucette says:

    I am making the sal t and pepper hat but haven’t got a clue how to add the beak to the hat. Can you please help me?

    • MStarr says:

      this is how I do it

      Once you have your peak part knit.. Cut plastic from a margarine container the size of the peak, as it has a natural curve. (I made a pattern on cardboard first using the natural shape of the peak as a guide.) Sew the open side enclosing the plastic shape.
      Center the peak on the front of the main cap (which has been sewn up the back) with the up side and the cap together with the cap. (I slightly stretched the ribbing) Sew the already sewn edge of the peak to the cast on edge of the ribbing of the cap.
      With the peak still “up” sew the cast on and cast off sides of the peak to the ribbing of the cap(it will then slightly fold the ribbing under when the peak is in place.
      Find the middle of the peak and bring the cap forward and tack it with a few stitches to hold it in place.
      Place the button(I use a Canadian penny, supposed to be good luck to put a penny in the design) in the middle and sew it in.
      You are finished…enjoy my friend.
      Hope this makes sense to you.

  2. joan says:

    Can you post your salt and pepper hat pattern please or let me know where i can find it?

  3. Marg says:

    Looking at the pictures of the salt and pepper cap, I think you have done what I first did by mistake – I missed the “knit 27 rows straight” in between the increase and decrease. I couldn’t figure out why my peak was so small until I re-read the pattern 🙂

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