August is gearing down

August is almost over and I have accomplished very little this month. I came down with the flu and I have never had anything knock me on my butt as badly as this has. Oh well, week 3 and I am finaly starting to feel human again, although the tiredness lingers.
I haven’t even done a lot of surfing on pinterest or any other site for that matter. I have realy dropped the ball. The last couple of days I have made up some hats. I tried a new bucket hat design. Not sure I really like it made out of the worsted weight yarn. I think if I had made it out of cotton it would hold it’s shape better

crochet bucket hat (640x480)

I also made a few double knit, double warm toques. Neon pink, neon purple, and neon yellow with fuzzy soft pom poms to match the bands

neon hats (640x480)

I am somewhat disappointed about how the pink shows up. It truly is a hot pink but it shows up darker here. I will have to redo the picture tomorrow outside on the deck. I also did up a neon orange one and haven’t gotten that picture taken yet.
Anyway.. another week over and done with. Looking forward to next week and possibly getting back to normal around here. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.. just saying!

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1 Response to August is gearing down

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love your hats

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