New Hat Design

I have had the time to sit and think over the past few weeks as I was recovering from a horrible summer flu. Well the darn thing held on through the best part of Sept and I am finally getting around to doing up a few new designs for the upcoming craft shows. I said I wasn’t going to do any more hats since I thought I had enough done for the shows I was signed up for. Well my head will not let me stop designing so here is the new design I came up with. This hat is knit in  a soft teal satin yarn and is made to hug your head. I like it but I think I will do up a crocheted version to see how that compares to the knit version. The pattern calls for embroidered notes but I didn’t think they looked bold enough so I sat and crocheted up some notes and then sewed them on to the hat.  Again. This was my fist time at doing notes and it as totally out of my head. Most people that know me , know that my head is a scary place to be.. hehehe.. With practice they will be perfected

,DSC00703  DSC00700

I do like the colours for sure. I will upload the crochet version when I whip one up tonight.

Heres to mud in your eye and a wind at your back and may you never be alone unless you want to be..



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