olympics and knitting

Another week, another Wednesday and Another storm! This seems to be a norm for us this year. The predicted storm was not as bad as we were expecting. It left us with  light fluffy snow that was easy to clean up and is slowly melting. Right not the bright sunshine is sparkling on the top of the snow almost blinding me here as I sit and watch the opening of the Olympics. Yes I admit it, I AM AN ARMCHAIR ATHELETE. I love the curling, hockey, skiing you name it and I live vicariously though all these amazing athletes.

I have shed my  negative vibes after the last two posts and I am ready to get on with my craft. I am determined to finish up a scarf I have been working on and I already have my next projects yarns picked out and sitting waiting not so patiently for me to get on with it and get that dang scarf done already!

I am watching as the Canadian Athletes march in. I absolutely love the jackets they are wearing. They are a throwback to the hudson bay jackets and I am fighting the urge to run to the store to purchase enough red and black yarn to make myself a sweater to match.. So far so good, fighting.. fighting.. I can do this!


phew.. that was close, almost run to the store!

ok and what is with the howdy doody outfits for the US.. hmmm. just a little too busy for my liking.. good grief! I have no asperations on making one of those sweaters,, trust me.


ok.. off to have some lunch and back to knitting for now while the sun is warming up this room. I am so looking forward to spring, the mud, the messy dog . It will be a welcome respite to this snow filled winter

relax, breathe, enjoy every minute.


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