Using up scrap yarn

I have become a big fan of Margaret Olander on youtube and have decided to do what she has done. I am NOT opening a new skein of yarn until I purge myself of all my bits and pieces of yarns. I saw this design on facebook today and thought.. hmmm.. what a great way to make character hats and use up my yarn. So I made this double knit hat on my Addi Express this morning

I used a single strand of  beige Impeccable yarn from michaels for the inside part of the tube and a single strand of blue tweed or is it heather.. not sure. doesn’t really matter I guess. It is the #4 worsted yarn.

I used 65 rows of the beige for the inside and for what looks like the band and then the second part of the tube I used 45 rows (multiple of 5 for each stripe).

It makes a good fitting hat for me and you don’t have to roll it up, the band looks like it is rolled already

Then I crocheted two neon yellow eyes, added black buttons for the eyes and then an orange button for the nose. I then decided it needed to be funkified a little more and added the yellow sprigs of hair.

It turned out great and it is a super warm hat since it is doubled.


IMGP0137 IMGP0139








here is a picture of the two other  hats. I tried making them single knit and added the crochet bands on the bottom. I am not as happy with those. they seem too thin and don’t hold their shape as well as the first double knit hat. So I have decided.. Use up my stash faster by making double knit hats. After all I am in the great white north here.. hahahaha. I am enjoying doing up the faces and making them weird and funky.


Oh my mind is going nuts with so many possibilites right now and I am envisioning my stash of yarn being slowly depleted .  How cool would that be?

Margaret suggested that I name my first hat.. hmm.. when I look at it all I can think about is Beaker from the muppets.. right?  do you see it?  what do you think?.. then the blue one is looking at me like.. “Whatever! you like the first hat better than me” .. and the last is the “Night Owl”  jst doesn’t want to give up and sleep.

I am going to make a racoon hat for my youngest grandson this weekend. He is 8 months old and only has one of my hats,, that actually is too small for him now.  I have two hats made for my grand daughter. I made one for her I think 2 years ago now and she will not let her mother put it away even though it is too small for her.

I made these for her last week. Double knit with sport yarn on the inside and  Bernat   baby jaquards . It is wonderful yarn to work with but you have to make sure you add extra rows because of the thickness of the yarn. So these new hats as well as the raccoon one will go to their new homes next week. I will take a picture of the raccoon hat when it is done.


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3 Responses to Using up scrap yarn

  1. Audrey says:

    I absolutely love this touque!!!!! great way for using up those part balls of yarn….

  2. molander says:

    Thanks for the kind words but this little hat is ADORABLE!!! Very clever! So cute it needs a name!

    • MStarr says:

      Thanks Margaret. I have added two more hats to the post. These are so much fun to make with so many possibilities and colour choices for them. I can see my stash depleting soon.. whoo hoo

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