Sock Monkey Mittens

Well I did it!!!.. I saw a pair of mittens I really liked online and the woman was not prepared to write up her pattern. Been asking for a couple of years so I decided.. heck.. I can do that!!.. I dug out my chunky yarn. found the grey,, and red… but could not for the life of me find my white chunky so I figured.. hey a pair of boy type ones. It didn’t take me long to knit them, once I figured out how to start them off. Oh.. did I say!.. these are top down mittens. The one thing about mittens that I really don’t like is the pucker at the top and they always seem to go pointed at the top.. ugh.. so I figured..hmmm. I love the toe up socks so why not use that skill to make the top down mittens.. well howdy DO   I worked!.. The second mitten will go much faster as I think I have the gist of the basic pattern done up. Also did the afterthought thumb which makes the knitting go so much faster.

So here is the right mitten I have just finished

Blue Sock Monkey Mittens

The top is just the way I wanted.. well.. not exactly.. need it a bit rounder but this pattern works great!.. I am thinking of making several pairs for the winter and bonus!.. it will use up my chunky yarn that I have stored in my studio.

So on to the second mitten. I am also writing down the pattern and it could possibly be for sale in the near future.

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