Sock Monkey Mittens

Well I did it. I finally made something for myself. A few years ago I saw a pair of mittens on Zibbet for sale, unfortunately that pair was sold and the lady had no idea when she could get another pair made.. I then asked her if she would sell the pattern and she made excuses and said she didn’t have time to write it up. So after a few years I figured.. HEY.. I can do this!.. I got my yarn out,, the picture of the mittens and away I went. The first pair turned out a bit big for me

Blue Sock Monkey Mittens.. so someone else in my house got this pair as a gift.

So on to another pair.. Grey with white and red for me (once I found the yarn in my studio).. hahaha..

They turned out great, knit tightly for warmth and sized for my hands

sock monkey mitts

I think they turned out pretty great!.. don’t you think?.. The problem now is what yarn to use. The bernat softee chunky is no longer available. Well actually it is now revamped from 14 st =4″  to 11 st = 4″ and I might have to go out and try that yarn. I do think that it would be much too thick to make a comfy mitten but we will see.

Right now I have taken some yarn I have in my studio and have doubled it up with some white to make a ragg type yarn and I hope to get another pair made to see if that will work. It won’t twist like the denim or ragg yarn so it will have a totally different look from the first two I made. Oh well….I am determined to do some stash busting and hopefully people will like the newer mitts as much as they like the first two I made.

On to try out the doubled up yarn

Pictures to follow

To see more of my patterns please visit my new website.

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4 Responses to Sock Monkey Mittens

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve been searching for a pattern for these mittens. Do you have one to share/buy?

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