Getting my MOJO back

As usual the winter knitting  the studio renovation and then the spring craft show has left me drained emotionally and mentally. I couldn’t even think of picking up the needles or hooks to do any kind of yarn work. I had totally turned myself off. Yesterday I came across a knitting bag full of green white and gold yarn and I said.. hmmm.. what is this?.. It turned out that I had started a pair of mittens to match  a hat I had made in the fall. Well true to form I took the back to the tv room and started working away. I couldn’t find the pattern that I had been using for the first mitten so I ended up counting stitches and rows and finished the first one last night and then today I made the matching mitten…..and.. I got the pattern written down now. I like the fit of these mittens so I hope I don’t lose this pattern so I can make some mittens to match the mommy and me hats I made a couple of months ago. I really want to use up the yarn I have in my cupboard so I can look at getting some new colours this summer. so.. here is the picture of the finished set

Recently Updated9

of course,,, different cameras took the pictures of the hat and then mittens so we have a bit of colour difference in the collage. The colours are closer to the hat the way the picture looks.

So I am slowly getting my MOJO back and I plan on working on small projects such as Mittens and fingerless gloves until I am fully back.

So on that note.. I am off to empty out a shed to get ready for demolition and rebuilding a new shed.. ugh..would rather go to disney world…LOL

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2 Responses to Getting my MOJO back

  1. MStarr says:

    Reblogged this on True North Knitting.

  2. Marie Allen says:

    Thanks for the pictures and step by step instructions.
    I will pass this off to a friend who has the same knitting machine.

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