Craft fair season burn out

Well here I am again, almost to the end of the craft show season and I am sitting and wondering and questioning myself as to why I put myself through this every year!. Every year I get exhausted and honestly for what? The expenses I have for my ideas and items far outweigh the revenue I take in at these shows. I suppose if I did a show every weekend I would recoup my costs but honestly and I say this very meekly (I am getting too old for this crud). My passion is knitting but we all know that unless you under price your knit wear you will never sell it in this area. Now the item I have for this year was a test item. I needed to find out if it was going to be a seller at the shows. Well it sorta was but people still looked at me like ‘What????  you want how much?” Now by the time I work out the cost of the bottle, lights, vinyl, paints (including the frosted spray paint which is freaking expensive). I am barely breaking even when I charge $20 for them. Here is an example of the bottles

dsc04235 dsc04245







Now that is only one example.  I have christmas ones as well as the Lighted Glass Blocks which I charge $25 for. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved designing and working on this project, but unless you hit the bigger shows and do more shows during the season, or find a place to purchase the supplies at a cheaper price. (Michaels here is insanely pricey)  it certainly is not worth the effort. I have one more show the first week in December and then I will be done for this season.  And YES I mean done.

I have had a lot of time to reflect and think this through and I am done with doing shows. My health is getting in the way of being super productive and until that issue is addressed  I just want to knit and crochet, design some more dog sweater patterns, do up a pair of Sock Monkey mittens and actually write up the pattern so I can sell it. (I have had a number of requests for this pattern but haven’t had time to actually put it in a pattern format. I love to design and I found I have had more enjoyment out of designing the bottles than I actually had making them up. So there is another thought.. I can design some print and cut files for the cricut and list those as well.

So that is my life decision. No more trying to outwit and come up with new and spectacular ideas for craft shows. No more killing myself trying to get ready for shows. It honestly is not worth it at my age. If I was 20 years younger even I would still be trying new crafts but I am done.  I am going to take a little well deserved time for ME.. This winter, it will be purge and clean my studio of all the supplies I have and will NOT be using. Great way to wile away the snowy winter here.  I am sure there will be someone somewhere that will get use of my stuff. I will be listing and purging as I go along. OR>>>>  I just might have a sale here at home and advertise.  Lay the stuff out that I want to sell and have an in home sale.  There is a thought. Or.. just box it according to each type of craft and sell the boxes individually. I would love to see the back of my closet again.. LOL. I will not become totally craft free. I have some knitting projects I want to try , I still have my knitting machines and I cannot wait for the chance to get back to my passion.  As I finish a project I will be listing it on my site.. or Etsy, (that is if I don’t decided to gift it or keep it for myself)

Now that I have made that decision and actually see it in text format I think,, no.. I know! that I am doing the right thing for me at this time. I feel pretty good about it.. yup I do.

And on that note have a happy and peaceful Holiday Season!!!!



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