Sock Monkey Mittens (with afterthought thumb)


Well I finally got my act together and got the pattern written up for my sock monkey mittens. These mittens are knit on 2 circular needles (my preference) with a bulkier yarn #5 and I use an afterthought thumb. This design goes fast because you don’t have to think about adding stitches for your thumb gusset. Easy peasy style and that is what I am into right now.. ..  easy.. fast.. non thinking patterns. I  find it easy to knit the both mittens at the same time that way you won’t have the one mitten done syndrome.. many’s a time I have knit one mitten and then put it down to come back and knit the second mitten only to move on to something else. I am not saying that my lack of concentration is going.. yeh.. I guess that is exactly what I am saying. So to alleviate that problem I just knit both mittens at the same time. Done and done!…………………………….

Anyway to find this pdf purchase link go to my webpage

Sock Monkey Mittens on True North Knitting

or to Etsy at

Sock monkey Mittens on Etsy

and on that note I am off for a cup of Hot tea and a big ole cookie to celebrate my doneness. Is that even a word?…..well it is now.

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