My Kefir Journey- Day One-EDITED

Well I was always one not to jump on the healthy kick bandwagon and jumping on the next new thing on the internet… nope not me. But after hearing about kefir from a friend I figured I would give it a shot. You see, we eat 3 containers of Greek yogurt every week and we pay $5 a container from Walmart. I have it every breakfast with bran buds and blueberries on top. That is my typical breakfast with a cup of coffee. It provides me with food in my stomach so I can take my daily medications.

So yesterday our friend dropped off some kefir grains to us to get us started. They were in a Ziploc baggie.. about a couple of table spoons of it. I poured them into a glass dish, added milk and now it is sitting on my counter for a day. It is like watching clothes in a dryer at this point, and I figured I can’t sit all day and stare at the jar.. right?  So I got my 5 pound box of blueberries vacuum sealed and put in the freezer. Two jobs done.. time for a bagel.  This healthy eating thing is new for me and has a whole new learning curve. But I plan to do it. It will be interesting to see how all this works out. Plenty of YouTube videos to watch about kefir but I did find a lady that makes sense so I am going to make the kefir milk first then when I get enough made I will make the Greek yogurt and add my sweetener and flavouring to our taste. Probably will be a lot of fails but you learn from fails and will get better. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

I will update on the first batch with pictures etc. Hey what have I got to lose right?


well this was  a trial and error process to say the least!!! A few failed attempts such as my yogurt not thickening,, etc. So I went on the search again to find out what happened.. WELLLLL who knew that when you set your kefir grains on the counter that you are NOT  and I say NOT supposed to put the lid on tightly when you have your first ferment so the fermentation will take place.. ok.. fail #1.. by the time I set it in the fridge for the yogurt to start setting I was doing that all wrong as well.. So after wasting milk on the first two settings I decided to do a small batch and go through the whole thing again.. Milk and grains.. set on the counter with a coffee filter over the top held with a rubber band, then as someone said.. cover it with a towel.. done!  I let it set for about 15 hours and then took the towel off.. VOILA.. this time it worked.. Now to drain it to get the grains out.. done!.. put the grains back into the original jar and covered them with enough milk, tightened the cover and put it in the fridge to store. ah ha.. worked.. now they say to put it in the blender to make it smooth.. Didn’t have a blender  so I just mixed it up with a spatula and then put it in a clean jar to ferment for a second time (they say 6 hours) so when that was done with the second fermentation  I lined a small colander with unbleached coffee filters (they were wet so they would stick to the sides of the colander)  ok.. so far so good.. Set the colander on a bowl and then poured the kefir milk slowly over the coffee filters.. covered lightly with plastic wrap and set the whole thing into the fridge to start draining.. Again  so far so good!!!!.. Well today I took the whole thing out of the fridge.. lifted the colander off and dumped it upside down into another bowl, scraped the extra yogurt off them and threw them in the compost. . It looked just like Greek Yogurt but was really sour.. so I added stevia and some vanilla extract and WOW   WOW.. I REALLY LIKED THE TASTE!. Now to figure out how to do a bigger batch once the walmart yogurt is gone.. Going to try some berry infused kefir or.. just maybe leave it vanilla and add some berries on top when I have breakfast.

I am really proud of myself but I must admit that I was ready to quit a few days ago when the second batch didn’t turn out. My wife said, don’t give up it will will worth it in the end, give it another try and yes she was correct.. it was frustrating but worth it. I just hope that this healthy alternative to the store bought yogurt will make a difference here.

My next back will be fully documented with pictures although I really should have taken some the other day when I decided to give the container a bit of a shake only to realize that the cover leaked and it exploded on my counter top, cupboard and stove.. Good thing I was not taking a video as you would have seen and heard the air turning blue. On the upside, my kitchen has had it’s fall cleaning early.. and looks mahvelous dahling!!!

and on that note!! have a great weekend everyone


Information : Benefits of Kefir


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