my Kefir journey Day 1 million ?

Well UGH!!!!  this has been a learning experience to say the least.  Kitchen messes exploding kefir milk on the cupboards, new blender that was not sealed properly so when I removed it from the base the kefir poured onto the stove and cupboard. Yes.. the air was blue and I was ready to give up but I walked away after everything was cleaned up again, sat in the tv room,, relaxed and then said.. nope this battle between myself and the kefir is not going to break me. I will win over this foolishness because it it a healthy alternative for us!!!!..


So this morning I carefully tip toed into the kitchen.. on the stealth kefir attack.. I figured if I snuck in and did my thing it would not get the better of me.. right?  Well I got it strained and put into a jar, put said jar in the fridge and set some more kefir to ferment on the counter. All good so far.. Cleaned up the items I used and then decided to make a smoothie.. hey why not.

So I got the blender (made sure the bottom was secured on tightly to the container) added 1 cup of kefir milk, 1/2 banana, a handful of blueberries and about 1/2 tsp of organic honey.. whirred it up and poured it into a mug. Ok I have to say that it is awesomely delicious. The only thing was, the kefir milk hadn’t had a chance to get cold so next time I will wait a couple of hours before making a smoothie.  I plan to alternate the yogurt on one day and the next day have a smoothie. Only time will tell how all this healthy lifestyle will work out.

banana-blueberry- kefir- smoothie

On that note today is recovery Monday as we so affectionately call it. Warrior weekends are always followed by Recovery Mondays.. So off I go to work quietly on a new pattern design and maybe watch a movie through my eyelids.


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2 Responses to my Kefir journey Day 1 million ?

  1. Audrey says:

    I love these blogs of yours….keep them coming! Cheers and have a great day!!👍👍

  2. mstarr says:

    lol glad you enjoy my daily mishaps.. Might as well share I say

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