Day 1 of Marie Kondo organizing

This has been a pretty productive day for me. Usually I spend the morning catching up on recorded shows and drinking hot tea but I decided since it was garbage day I would go upstairs and clean my dresser. I planned to organize #mariekondo and get an early start on my spring cleaning. The weather is pretty nasty out there this morning with snow falling right now and it will soon be changing to rain, so you know what that means. Yup.. idiots not driving sensible on the roads.

So I went up and got started. Drawer #1 was a hot mess with things just shoved in and a pile on the dresser ready to join that hot mess. In I go, grabbing everything and dumping it on the bed. I then got a shoe box and cut the lid off , turned the lid over and made a small shelf in front of the shoe box. Sort/roll/set in box/repeat.

Drawer #2 was socks.. Dump on the bed sort/roll/set in box/repeat. This was really good as I was finding matches to socks I had totally forgotten about.

Drawer #3 was the sock overload drawer. Seriously did I need these many socks!!!!!. I think NOT. I started making a pile of socks that I for sure knew I was never going to put on my feet. This pile will be delivered to the shelter downtown when it is all said and done.

Drawer #4.. well… not sure about that drawer it just looked like I was throwing stuff in there just because. There was no rhyme or reason or category for the items in that drawer. So I designated it. unopened panties and stuff I might use this year, maybe,, kinda.

so below are the before and after pictures of my dresser. I am pretty pleased with it and how straightened up it is. I tossed out things that needed to be tossed. While I was at it I cleaned out the top drawer of my nightstand. wow.. why did I keep so many pieces of paper and receipts?  It is all a mystery to me. Now the big question. How long will this last?.. hahahahaha

top drawer before and after

This is the top drawer. underwear rolled and bras nicely folded and in a line and camisoles neatly folded and behind the underwear.

second drawer before and after

second drawer. shoe box on the right with the shelf part in front for the lighter weight frequently used socks

third drawer before and after

Third drawer has another shoe box on the left with the cover in front of it to hold the lighter weight, not so frequently used socks.

bottom drawer before and after

bottom drawer well.. the picture pretty well describes itself.


Pile of socks that will be going to the shelter the next time I go out.

Tomorrow I will hit the shelves and two drawers in my closet and get those done. I have decided to reuse and recycle something from my studio. I have a three drawer plastic cabinet (actually 2 of them) and I have decided to use the pull out drawers to put in my closet to put my tshirts in. As you can see below it is a clear drawer so I can just take it out and find what shirt I want and now the cat (Lady Fluffington) will not knock all my tshirts on the floor when she decides to climb onto the shelf.


I will take the before and after shots of the closet once I get started tomorrow. This plastic drawer will fit perfectly on the shelf. How cool is that, that I am able to reuse/recycle something that is taking up space in my studio.

So that is all for today. I am done with the organizing (need to pace myself…hahahahaha)

Time for lunch and hot tea. hmmm what to have?

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