Organizing Day 2 (Marie Kondo Inspired)

I took a day off from the last organization day. It was a storm day here because of the road conditions so I spent the day with my better half, talking/golfing/catching up on recorded shows.

So today I got back at it. I decided to hit my shelves in my closet. They were not always shelves. there were 5 drawers in this built in unit. I was forever stuffing items into the drawers and was never able to fully see what was in there. So last year I removed the 3 drawers and cut three pieces of wood to serve as shelves. It worked, but once again I started stuffing clean clothes in there and now my rescued cat has decided she likes jumping up and crawling behind the clothes. ugh.. most times she not so gracefully knocks the clothes on the floor so I needed to figure out what to use. In my studio I had two plastic storage units. After purging that room one of the units was sitting empty but I didn’t have the heart just to toss it out or give it away. Brain storm!!  I checked the measurements and YES! the individual drawers slide in perfect. I got to work emptying the shelves onto the bed sort/ toss/ keep/repeat. Seeing that I did a full purge last summer I didn’t have much to toss.. so here are the pictures of my work today


oh my what a hot mess!


This is the plastic drawer that I got from the unit in my studio.

DSC00117 DSC00116

Tshirts are sorted and rolled and now in the plastic drawer.. I still can’t believe how well that drawer fit into the space I had.


So when it was all said and done I have my jeans/pants on the top shelf, polo shirts on the middle shelf and tshirts on the bottom shelf. I will for sure be bringing in other plastic drawers from my studio to put the jeans and polo shirts in.

yay.. now the cat can try all she likes and she will not be able to dump my clothes on the floor.



All I have left to do is stack my sweatshirts on the grey shelf and I am done with my side of the closet.

disclaimer:  I had one tshirt that I kept. yes it was old, yes it held sentimental value and yes I wear it at least 3 times a month. I didn’t realize that I had worn it that much until my better half brought it to my attention that it hadn’t been in the wash for a couple of weeks. Seriously?. So I got to thinking, ok, we went to arizona I think it was 2002 or 2003. We got to go see the cubs and white soxs in their spring training venue. I was beyond giddy and came out of there with one serious sunburn, hahaha. But I had gone to the shop and picked up an Arizona tshirt. To say the least it was my favorite shirt to put on. And to this day I still have it and now wear it when I am doing yardwork, painting or working in my studio. It has a few little holes in it but shoot, who cares when you use it as a workshirt


Looks almost new right? I am sure I will be threatened with being buried in it..hahahaha

Again I feel pretty good about getting this done. It was way overdue (embarrassingly so)

And on that note have a great weekend, stay warm, stay safe, think warm thoughts of spring, flowers and butterflies. Soon.

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