Love it or List it Birdhouse

Well I finally did something about the soggy bird house I had hanging in the tree. I paid good money for it.. cedar… but it started to get soggy and moldy from the weather. There were no drainage holes in the bird feeder.. Odd .. right? So I decided to  so do a “love it or list it” bird house episode. hahahahaha

I kept within budget (had my own paints and varnish. Had holes drilled in the base of it for drainage. I  spent days.. drying the feeder out, sanding, and then two coats of paint and two coats of varnish. All in all I think the birds will be happy with it..I know I am!

I went all funky folk art on it. Just sat down and started pulling out paint colours and having some fun. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished project. Now.. mind you I am not a tole paint artsy person. I just slapped the paint on.. drew a few flowers and voila.. done. It is now hanging once again under the tree and I think the birds were happy since it is a large open feeder good for my cardinal, blue jays, grosbeaks as well as chickadees and finches. I still have to get my suet feeder out for the ones that prefer suet.



Nothing like a bright funky feeder I say!

The birds were shown many feeders in the general area, in their budget and almost picked one that had almost all of their demands but in the end. They chose to LOVE IT. ..and are staying put in my backyard.. yay!

Now back to what I was doing for the past 2 months.. which is watermarking my patterns and corresponding pictures to relist on etsy..

That is a whole other story that I will get to over the next week.

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