Easter Musings

In these uncertain times, it takes an emergency to really bring home who in your life is a true friend and who is an acquaintance.

In the past week we have gone through an emergency that brought home the knowledge of love and friendship. People on Facebook that are marked as friends have really come home to show their “true colours”. This has been an enlightening moment when even strangers to me have come to the forefront with offers of support, assistance and caring. A few people who I thought as friends because of my support in their tough times just vanished when I needed them most. It is obvious that I was and probably always will be just a superficial friend. I get it now! This is a difficult lesson to absorb but it has forced me to rethink how these people will be a part of my life moving forward.

To the people that messaged me, texted me, phoned me over the last few days. I want them to know how much I truly cherish their friendship. You kept me calm, made me laugh and you helped me more than you will ever know. Thank YOU!

To my family that were willing to  drop everything to be there for me, your phone calls and willingness to get my shopping done and delivered.  Thank YOU!

To all those that truly know me, know that I am very much an introvert and this past week has been particularly difficult, dealing with the posts, messages, texts and phone calls and yes I did crash Friday and most of today but I am getting slowly back to normal.

So on this Easter Weekend, count your blessings, cherish your friends and be thankful of what you have in your life.


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