Getting something for ME!

Wow this has been a long march break…hahahaha..

Anyway, I decided to dig out my sewing machine and make a few masks for us. They were fun to make but now I am so over it. I tried the accordion ones, the shaped fitted ones. You tube was my friend but then it got kind of crazy. I ended up finding out that the accordion ones were by far the fastest and easiest to make. The masks are now made and sitting in a basket for a grab and go.

Now on to my new find. I was doing a youtube search when I came across a person who installed a LED strip on their sewing machine.. Interesting.. so I did a search on Amazon and found this strip

Sewing Machine LED Light Strip

omgosh… it was only $16!!! so seriously…… I need that!!!

It was super fast shipping and today I installed it on my machine. Here are some pictures of it on my machine. Can I say I love it!!!!!!???  well I am going to say it anyway… “I love it”

For a person with a few years under my belt, my eyes are not what they used to be and actually I got tired of moving my computer desk lamp every time I wanted to sew. So now problem solved.  It was super easy to install, so I am pretty happy with my purchase.

So now that it is all installed I need to get busy making my small appliance covers. I plan to get them measured and make the templates for them in the upcoming days. I have a few things on my plate and this afternoon I will be redesigning a couple of mitten patterns. Mittens are a good way of using up your yarn stash. There won’t be any craft shows this fall so anything I make will be listed either on Etsy or Facebook marketplace as I get them done.

I will have to update my weight loss journey with another blog.. So far….51 pounds and counting. But enough about that, I will get another blog done this week, in between our two trips to the city and my redesigning my mitts.  Sure I have lots of time to do that. Sure I do!

One that note, Have a safe week, stay healthy, and be nice to one another.


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2 Responses to Getting something for ME!

  1. Audrey says:

    That looks neat. But I’m not sure how it goes on. I have an LED light attached to my sewing machine. Probably much the same thing and very convenient. Yours does definitely different than mine but I guess they’ll serve the same purpose and I love your blogs

  2. mstarr says:

    It is a peel and stick light strip. And thanks so much Audrey

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