Welcome to my  page!

This is my attempt at designing a site/blog for all my endeavors.

Sometimes too many to be mentioned…..

Ahh such is the brain of a designer!

My name is Maureen and I am a longtime Indie Designer!

I am a devoted and totally addicted hand knitter and crafter and that  is confirmed by the evidence in my bulging closet in my studio. I now live in beautiful Kentville, Nova Scotia.

I was taught to knit, crochet, craft and design at a very young age. I lived in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, by my mother and I have carried this love with me throughout my lifetime.

Since  my childhood was spent in a predominately scottish/irish part of Canada, that instilled in me, the love and the passion for hand-made and hand crafted items.  A lot of my designs tend to lean in that direction.

I have branched out to other ventures to keep myself busy *True North Knitting*   I have also started selling Vintage and out of print White buffalo Patterns.

I am trying to encorporate all my blogs into one easy blog for me to manage so be patient as this work progresses.

4 Responses to About

  1. Hey Maureen! I did a search for Nova scotia art and you are the only hit I got 🙂 I was looking to see who from my part of the world might be blogging about art, and you’re it! Happy to see a fellow blue noser on here. Now I must go poke around your blog!

  2. Mariann says:

    Hy Maureen
    I saw your DIY jig for horse hair. I was wondering if you had any photos of how you use it

    • MStarr says:

      Thanks for checking my blog. I did make a jig but I don’t think I mentioned horse hair?? I use it to make survival bracelets.. I don’t have any photos but you can find the videos on youtube…. just type in survival bracelet jig and there should be videos showing how to use the jig for making bracelets.. Hope this helps

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