Quilted and Tartan Ornaments

Welcome to my new ornament page.

Many years ago my mom and my aunt and me learned to make these ornaments. A bit of searching and determination, and I found a pattern that was almost identical to the ones we used to make. To make a long story short,  I am back at them again, In honour of my Mom who passed away 3 years ago. I am sure she would love the designs I am making and the feel of the satin on the ornaments.  These ornaments are made with many different kinds of Cotton fabric, Satin Ribbon, Sparkly ribbons and Tartan Material. Each one is a little different than the last one and takes me a couple three  hours to complete each one.  My newest designs are the tartan ones. The Blue ones are the Nova Scotia Tartan and the green ones are the Cape Breton Tartan.


Price $14.00 each + $9.00 shipping and Handling

These Ornaments are not for sale as I am making them now for a Christmas

Spectacular Craft show the first week in December.  I will However! take orders. Feel

free to contact me about your interest. I am in the process of making New Brunswick

Tartan, PEI Tartan as well as NewFoundland Tartan. I will be posting pictures as they

are completed.








If you are interested in any of these ornaments please contact me at

2 Responses to Quilted and Tartan Ornaments

  1. lhtaylor2012 says:

    Saw your hats on a ’12 post and now I can’t find them…where are they, MH? Are they available to order or only as a pattern? Lester

  2. MStarr says:

    hi Les.. I am moving all my sales to my new site next week. what were you looking for. I have them on my facebook page as well..https://www.facebook.com/TrueNorthKnitting You can see the styles I make there and if there is anything in particular let me know

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